Class of 2020

Innovators and Leaders in West Virginia Snow Sports
Organizers/leaders - club, council, federation, associations
Area Operations and/or Management or Development Competition

Harold "Hal" Leich

In February 1951, Hal Leich called Gorman Young, asking if he wanted to go looking for snow. An airplane pilot friend of Hal had observed large patches of snow in the Appalachians. Hal

studied his topological maps and figured that there ought to be snow in West Virginia. Together, they ventured out and found their desired spot on Cabin Mountain, near Davis, WV. Hal

participated as a member of the Cabin Mountain development committee. He had previously been President of SCWDC for two-plus years.

"The Cabin Mountain drift was some find and provided very usable skiing 175 miles from Washington. The miles seemed short compared to 550 or so to New England ski areas. Still, it

was a long trip as so many work weekends proved."

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