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Members & Sponsors

The Members & Sponsors of the Snow Sports Museum of West Virginia
generously support this site and the organization. 
Thank you for your selfless contribution.


Charter Members

Canaan Valley Ski Patrol
Mike and Joann Cavallaro
William Cox and Diana Horne
John & Karen Denbigh
Michael Doble
David Downs
Joh & Lydia Hambrick
Kathy and Larry Knight
Ric Igel
Poore Family

Bill & Linda Smith
Bobby and Annie Snyder

Oakland Foundation (Sustaining Member
Shockley Family
Timberline Mountain Ski Patrol
Kim and Monica Williams (Sustaining Members)

Seth Owen Williams (in Memoriam)
Tim and Paula Worden 

Individual Members
Stephen Baker
Anna Marie Beare
Mike Carroll

Michael Carter
Glenda Crawford
Sarah Fletcher
David Harman

Andrew Hickson
Steve Hile
Candice Jones

Scott Kesner
Emily Khan

Susan Meyer
Elva Nalo
Maggie Nelson
Cece Niemi
Tom Preston
Cary Reed
Melaine Seiler

Blair Taylor
Stan White
Edward Worden

Steven Zaliznick


Family Membership

Mark & Bonnie Branciaroli

Tony Cavender Family

John & Mary Beth Clark
Nora & David Faunce

Fenwick-Judy Family

Karen Field & Family

Jocelyn and Ryan Gaujot Family

Scott & Diane Hinkle
Pete & Mary Gail Holden

Margie & Keith Horne Family
Robert Livingston

John & Beckie Manzoni Family

Phoebe & Bill Mollard Family
David & Susan Miller Family
Alane O'Neill Family
Mike Redman Family
Eric Poskanzer

Lee Sherline
Andy & Terri Snyder
Jess Tucker

Janice & Tom Youngblood
Anne Smith and Ron Elle
Martin Williams
Jack & Karen Winstersteen

Lifetime Members

James Baczuk

Clay Baker
Steve Baker
Mike & Kimmie Battle
Jane Browning
Steve & Lynn Cvechko
Andrea & Bruce Dalton

Heather & George Finly
William Freeman

Ted Fries
Michael Goss

Mark Head
James Huber
Bill Kirk
John Lutz

Mike Mullins
Bill & Karen Peterson

Bob & Becky Steptoe

Individual Sponsors

Clay Baker
John Brown
Julie Wallace Carr

Cary Reed

Bruce and Andrea Dalton
John Davies

Sydney Diamond
Peter Flaherty
Karen Field
David Harman
Kate Hayes
Carries Hawkins
Doug Hochom
Bill Kirk
Ray LaMora
Jennifer Neelen
Jimmy Swann
Scott Young
Robert Wallace

Corporate Sponsors
Canaan Valley Resort
K.T. Bright, CPA
Oakland Foundation
Sirianni's Pizza Cafe
Tucker County Chamber of Commerce
Tucker Community Foundation

This Website is Supported by a Grant from

Share Your West Virginia Snow Sports Story with the Museum! 

Our Mission

To document and preserve
West Virginia's Snow Sports History.

Our Mission

Our Vision

West Virginia's SnowSports History available online and at a physical museum and archive, preserving this history to enhance the future.

We Need Your Support Today!

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