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Each winter, certain areas of  West Virginia are blessed with a tremendous amount of snow.  In 1950, members of the Ski Club of Washington DC were flying over Canaan Valley.  They noticed an open meadow with huge snowdrifts in the late spring. In 1951, the Ski Club opened Driftland near present-day Canaan Valley Resort bringing snow sports to the Southeast.


After Driftland opened, other resorts were founded.  A few resorts closed but several are thriving such as Blackwater Falls State Park, Canaan Valley Resort, Olegby Resort, Snowshoe, Timberline Mountain, Winterplace, and White Grass.  These resorts helped develop and continue to contribute to a thriving tourist industry.


Snow sports enthusiasts work hard and play hard.  This attitude has spawned a plethora of stories and legends.  Longtime West Virginia snowsports enthusiasts believe in the importance of preserving and documenting these amazing stories. A group of these dedicated individuals founded the Snows Sports Museum of West Virginia in 2018.


Share Your West Virginia Snow Sports Story with the Museum! 

Our Mission

To document and preserve
West Virginia's Snow Sports History.

Our Mission

Our Vision

West Virginia's Snow Sports History available online and at a physical museum and archive, preserving this history to enhance the future.

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