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Board of Directors

The Snow Sports Museum’s Board of Directors is a group of hard-working, enthusiastic individuals.  They have labored tirelessly since 2018 to implement a vision to preserve and document WV's Snow Sports history.  While the Board and Members opened the doors to the Museum in December 2020, their work is just getting started. 
Would you like to be a part of this heroic effort? 
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President & Volunteer Chair
Kim Williams
Canaan Valley, WV

  • Retired Public School Teacher and Subject Area Supervisor
    (40 yrs)

  • PSIA Level II Certified

  • Eastern Resort Trainer

  • Child Specialist 1


Monica Williams
Canaan Valley, WV

  • Retired Public School Teacher
    (40 yrs)

  • PSIA Level II Certified

  • Eastern Resort Trainer II

  • PSIA Child Specialist II


Bobby Snyder
Canaan Valley, WV

  • Former Ski School Director -  Timberline Four Season  Resort

  • Canaan Valley Zoning Officer

  • Board of Directors, Cottrill Opera House, Thomas, WV


Executive Director & Publicity Chair
Andrew Snyder
Davis, WV

  • Proprietor, Allegheny Services

  • Town Council, Davis, WV

  • Former Marketing Director at Timberline Four Seasons  Resort

  • President Tucker County Chamber of Commerce


Site Procurement
David Downs

Thomas, WV

  • Developer Old Timberline 1972 

  • Developer/ Founder Timberline Ski Area 1981

  • Real Estate Broker (50 yrs)

  • Proprietor Three Castle  Antiques, Thomas, WV

  • Restoration Licensed Contractor of Historic Tucker County Properties (15  yrs) 


Site Procurement
Eddie Worden
Sully, WV

  • Former Ski School Director

  • Former Ski  School Supervisor

  • Ski Instructor, Level II PSIA 

  • Experience in Rental Shop, Retail, and other facets of the Snow Sports Industry (50 years)  


Liaison, WV Ski Area Assoc.
John Lutz
Canaan Valley, WV

  • Ski Instructor, Area Manager, Ski School Director (50 yrs)

  • Created One of the First Adaptive Programs in the US in 1976

  • Conducted the First  Special Olympics in WV 1979


Artifacts Co-Chair
Stan White
Canaan Valley, WV

  • Retired School Administrator

  • Ski Patrol at CVSP since 1988

  • Ski Patrol Director CVSP 10 years

  • Gold Star Parent


Social Media Coordinator
Hannah Snyder

Davis, WV

  • Social Media Manager

  • Principal, Hannah Snyder Media

  • Creator & Photographer 

  • Children's Ski Instructor

  • Certified Whitewater Guide


Mike Mullins
Elkins, WV

  • Semi retired Attorney

  • Assistant Ski Patrol Director CVSP

  • National Ski Patrol 20 yrs


Maggie Nelson
Davis, WV

  • Nonprofit Executive

  • Ski School Instructor

  • Certified PSIA Level I

  • Certified PSIA Child Specialist I  



Preston Cline
Snowshoe, WV

  • Former Ski Patrol, Snowshoe Mountain Resort

  • 10 years - Snowshoe Mountain - Risk Management, Saftey Services & Business Operations

  • Event Director - International Cyclying Union Mountain Bike World Cup Finals


Steve Drumheller

Mount Storm, WV

  • Former Board Member, West Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association

  • Former Director of Sales at Canaan Valley Resort, Snowshoe Mtn. Resort and Silver Creek Ski Resort

  • Former GM, Timberline Four Season Realty

  • Tucker County Chamber of Commerce, Board Member

Joe Skiing Head Shot.heic


Joe Stevens
Nitro, WV

  • Skiing & Snowboarding since 1985

  • WV Ski Industry since 1990

  • 16 Seasons - Communications Director at Snowshoe Mountain

  • Executive Director of the WV Ski Area's Association (since 2005)



Tom Wagner
Ghent, WV

  • Executive Vice President, Winterplace Resort

  • President, WV Ski Areas Association

  • Graduate - University of Toledo


Webmaster (Non-Member)

Paula Hinkle
Dryfork, WV

  • Nonprofit Executive (22 yrs)

  • 36 years in the Snow Sports Industry (Part-Time)

  • Part-Time Ski Instructor (30 Years)

  • Former Canaan-Timberline Race Coach

Share Your West Virginia Snow Sports Story with the Museum! 

Our Mission

To document and preserve
West Virginia's Snow Sports History.

Our Mission

Our Vision

West Virginia's Snow Sports History available online and at a physical museum and archive, preserving this history to enhance the future.

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