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Class of 2020

Innovators and Leaders in West Virginia Snow Sports
Organizers/leaders - club, council, federation, associations
Area Operations and/or Management or Development Competition

Gorman Young

In February 1951, Gorman Young along with Hal Leich searched for and discovered an area with a patch of snow, located on Cabin Mountain, and that would eventually develop into the first ski area in West Virginia. The two discoverers led the effort to get the membership's backing and succeeded. Under Mr. Young's presidency, in October 1951, the SCWDC officially committed itself to the proposition of operating its own ski area by signing a lease with the farm property owners. In addition to being President, Gorman also participated as a member of the Cabin Mountain development committee. During October/November 1951, the Club's volunteer construction crew erected the ski tow and warming hut; and the ski area was soon ready for operation.


Gorman's account of the Cabin Mountain project states this: "Enthusiasm is what drove the project. Club members freely contributed all kinds of talent. Great work parties, great satisfaction, and great fun as work progressed. There was an 'esprit de corps' the likes of which I had never seen. The Mauzy's lent a helping hand with a team of horses and wagon to haul construction materials to the top of the slope.

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