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Class of 2021

Innovator and Leader in West Virginia Snow Sports

Media Leaders - Editors, Reporters, Authors, Creators in all Media-Related Positions

Joe Stevens

Joe Stevens has been involved in the ski industry since 1985 when he took his first ski lesson at Massanutten Ski Resort in Virginia. Joe was a radio reporter/anchor for the Virginia News Network in Richmond. His newfound passion for skiing convinced him to produce the "Ski Today" radio show on the network, which promoted skiing in Virginia and West Virginia.


In 1990, Snowshoe Mountain Resort hired Joe as the Public Relations Manager and Communications Director. A role he held for 16 seasons. One of Joe's most successful contributions to Snowshoe and West Virginia skiing was convincing Snowshoe management to purchase a satellite news uplink truck, which presented Snowshoe and West Virginia skiing to the nation and continues to do so.


Joe was proud of the relationship he had with the Weather Channel. Their meteorologists would call him often, checking on the snow conditions at Snowshoe. He frequently hosted Weather Channel events at Snowshoe. These efforts presented Snowshoe as a viable ski option in the southeast, indirectly introducing the entire state ski industry, highlighting our big mountains and generous snowfalls. Joe understood how important it was to get the weather word out about West Virginia mountains.  As the Director of Sales at Snowshoe, Joe was passionate about promoting the West Virginia Ski industry to the nation.


Since 2005, he has served as the Executive Director of the West Virginia Ski Areas Association. A role that allows him to do what he truly enjoys. Showcasing West Virginia Skiing.


Other Recognitions:

•   Recipient of the U.S. ski industry's SAMY award in 2000 by Ski Area Management Magazine. The 
      award highlights leaders in the ski industry nationally.

•  Communications Person of the Year, WV Tourism, 1999.

•  Communications Person of the Year, Public Relations Society of American, WV Chapter, 2004.

•  Bob & Anita Barton Award in 2020, in recognition of dedication and promotion of the skiing industry in
    West Virginia.

•  Learned to snowboard in 1997 on the suggestion by Southeast Snowboard Reps, so that part of the
    industry would have a PR person involved in the growing side of the industry.

•  Author of Snow News Is Good News column on from 2006 - present. The column
    highlights matters related to the ski industry in the southeast.


Joe has been one of the driving forces in making the West Virginia Ski industry great. He is passionate about west Virginia Skiing. Joe represents the industry positively, in both good and bad times.

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