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Class of 2022

Innovator and Leader in West Virginia Snow Sports
Special Olympics - snow sports contenders, sponsors, guides, equipment, coaches
Instruction - directors, instructors, coaches
Area Operations and/or Management or Development Competition

Bobby & Annie Snyder

Annie & Bobby Snyder each got the skiing bug at an early age.  Annie started skiing at 14 in the French Alps, around 1963. Bobby began skiing outside Kabul, Afghanistan, around 6 years old during the 1954-55 season.

Bobby Snyder, originally from Petersburg, West Virginia, traveled extensively as a young boy, as his father was a US Diplomat.  He returned to the US to study architecture.  Annie was born in Mehun S/r Yevre, France.  In college, she studied English and Philosophy. She entered an exchange program to teach French in the US and to improve her English.  Annie wound up in Petersburg, where she met Bobby.  The couple soon married.

Bobby & Annie Snyder arrived in Canaan Valley, West Virginia,


in August 1977.  They saw an ad that the new lodge at Canaan Valley State Park needed waiters and waitresses. The advertisement mentioned free skiing, and they were sold.

While waiting tables at the Park, Bobby & Annie also became ski Instructors at the Park’s ski area.  They were instructors at Canaan until 1986. Like all good snow sports instructors, they worked several seasonal jobs.  They also cleaned and assisted with rental houses for Charlie and Betsy Reed of Canaan Realty.

As David Downs developed Mount Timberline Ski Area, the couple started instructing there in the 1981-82 season. They taught at Timberline and Canaan until 1986, when they settled solely at Timberline.  In 1988, Bobby became the Director of the Timberline Ski School and held that position until the 2015-16 season (28 years). His motto was always to have Instructor Development Training, keep the Student/Instructor ratio as low as possible, and always try to hire people smarter than himself.

Annie created the Nordic Program at Timberline and became the Director of that program until the 2015-2016 season.  She developed a network of backcountry trails around the ski area and connected one of them to White Grass. At the same time, she was the Assistant Director of Programs and Events.  Annie also assisted with the Snowboard Program and worked to create many Boardercross Events.  Annie and Bobby, along with John Lutz, developed and staffed the “Snowy Luau” weekend to get skiers to ski through late March. Annie, John Lutz, and Mike Messenger created the “Local’s Cup” Ski Race, hosted on the first Sunday in April.  This event was successful in attracting skiers into April.

Bobby & Annie also worked with other community leaders and organizations to bring people to the area during the other three seasons. Bobby worked with Anita Barton and Walt Ranalli on the “Blackwater 100” from 1978-1993. He also worked with Laird Knight to bring the “24 Hours of Canaan” to the Timberline Ski Area. Annie was also the Manager of Cabin Mountain stables, owned by David Downs, from 1980 to the early 1990s.  She also worked with Anita Barton and Fred Soltow to create, run and compete in the “Canaan Fifty”- a 50-mile endurance horse race. Bobby was the “Trail Master” of that event.

Annie and Walt Ranalli created and organized the “Leaf Peepers Festival” for the Alpine Festival during its first few years. Annie asked Ted Fries to help set up a 5K for the Festival.  Bobby assisted Anita Barton and Walter Ranalli with the Alpine Heritage Preservation Inc. to restore and renovate Cottrill’s Opera House in Thomas, West Virginia.  This is an ongoing project, and Bobby is still a Board Member of that organization. Bobby and Annie are Charter Members of the Snowsports Museum of West Virginia, and Bobby is also a Board member. Annie is a dedicated fundraiser for the Museum as well. Annie is also a Board Member of the Aurora Project Inc. and leads the “Barn Dance Fundraiser Event”.  Annie was on the Board of the Thomas Educational Center and helped develop its educational programs. Additionally, she is a Master Gardener and contributed to the development of the Park of Davis with the Davis Herb Club.  Annie was also a former Board Member of the Heart of the Highland Trails.

Annie is a licensed real estate agent and worked for Timberline and Landis Realty. At present, she is working for Cranston Real Estate Agency LLC. Bobby has been the Inspector of the Canaan Valley Zoning District for 33 years.

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