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Class of 2022

Innovator and Leader in West Virginia Snow Sports
Area Operations and/or Management or Development Competition
- competitor, official, judge, course worker, sponsor, organizer
Organizers/leaders - club, council, federation, associations
Ski Patrol - individuals who have distinguished themselves statewide

Tom Wagner

Tom has been in the ski industry for nearly five decades in various capacities.  Currently, Tom is the Executive Vice President of Winterplace Ski Resort and President of the West Virginia Ski Areas Association.  Tom has served in multiple capacities in the ski industry through the years, notably as a ski patroller and a marketing executive.  Tom has served on various regional and national patrol boards and has always been a strong advocate of industry safety. He has mentored several ski patrollers, establishing a solid pipeline in the area.  As a marketing executive, Tom has been out front in getting young people into the winter sport. Tom benchmarked a school program at Winterplace that allows middle and high schoolers from throughout the region a chance to learn the sport with their friends.  In short, Tom Wagner is one of the reasons that West Virginia has always been at the forefront of skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing in the southeast region.  Tom belongs in the Hall of Fame for being a leader, not a follower.

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