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Class of 2023

Innovator and Leader in West Virginia Snow Sports
Sales/Rental, Suppliers and Organizers

Debbie Cline

Through her decades of helping lead Ski Barn, Debbie Cline has, in the background, helped make the West Virginia Ski Industry a leader throughout the southeast region.  There is a Ski Barn operation on every corner at every West Virginia Ski Resort.  Hundreds of thousands of skiers and snowboarders have played on the state's slopes on rentals from the Ski Barn.  Not only skis, but it is fair to say that many of the visitors from the south are probably still wearing gloves and toboggans that were purchased at a Ski Barn.  Not only did visitors purchase products from a Ski Barn, but since the store's first opening, all of the stores have served as visitor centers not only for the area but for the entire state. Debbie led a team that always put the customer first and worked hand and hand with each resort to make sure that the sport was top of mine for every visitor.  No, Debbie didn't make snow, or patrolled or run a lift, but by providing an excellent welcoming atmosphere for every arriving visitor, she meant so much for the industry. She is one of the true unsung heroes of the industry and deserves to be recognized by her peers with an induction into the Hall of Fame.

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