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Class of 2023

Innovator and Leader in West Virginia Snow Sports
Operations & Management

Steve Drumheller

Steve has been working to advance the snow sports industry in West Virginia since the early ’80s. First as a tour broker in Richmond, Virginia, then moving on to Director of Sales at Canaan Valley Resort. Steve just recently retired from Canaan Valley Resort but did not leave the industry entirely, as the executive director of the Snow Sports Museum of West Virginia and continues to serve as the treasurer of the West Virginia Ski Areas Association.

Steve's efforts to grow the sport and connect with the local communities in West Virginia have made a significant impact on both the resorts that were lucky enough to employ him and the communities he has called home for nearly 40 years. 

Steve’s accomplishments include:

• Former General Manager, Canaan Valley Resort

• Tucker County Chamber of Commerce, Board Member

• Former Board Member, West Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association

• Former Director of Sales at Canaan Valley Resort, Snowshoe Mtn. Resort and Silver Creek Ski Resort

• Former General Manager, Timberline Four Season Realty

development of policies and procedures for both Winter and Summer daily operations including mountain opening, closing, lift Evac, Skier Safety, and New Patroller quality assurance programs, has represented Snowshoe at NSAA Safety events, established as an active patroller bike patrol policies and procedures for summer operations, and is always fixing, building, or creating ways to enhance the skier experience through safety initiatives.


Along with Dave's passion for guest safety and Mountain Operations, Dave is the owner of the “Country Line Cabin” " where he has provided lodging for ski industry professionals from WV, the South, and all over the East Coast as they have traveled to Snowshoe for industry clinic’s, exam’s, promotional events, or just a day of skiing.


Much like his National Appointment acknowledgment from the National Ski Patrol, Dave’s inclusion as a Hall of Fame member of the WV Skiing Hall of Fame is an acknowledgment of his contribution by his peers that is overdue and well deserved!

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