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Weiss Knob Ski Resort

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Ski Resorts of the Past

A patch from Weiss Knob Ski Area. Photo courtesy of David Faunce. David was a ski instructor at Weiss Knob.

Snow Sports in West Virginia was launched by the Ski Club of Washington DC with Driftland in the early 1950s. However, the “Grandfather of Skiing” in the Southeast was Robert “Bob” Barton, a University of Virginia law student. Barton formed Weiss Knob Ski Area in 1955. Weiss Knob was the first commercial ski facility south of the Mason-Dixon Line. The original Weiss Knob was on the present site of the “Meadows” at Canaan Valley Resort. Barton operated Weiss Knob at this site until 1959. Around this time, the state of West Virginia began purchasing surrounding properties for a future state park.

In 1959, Barton moved Weiss Knob to just off Freeland Road in Canaan Valley to the present-day site of White Grass Touring Center. The resort featured a rope tow and the first artificial snowmaking in the state. The resort operated until 1970.

Stories & Photos?

Do you have photos and/or stories of Weiss Knob and Bob and Anita Barton? Share these with the Museum. It's a marvelous way to preserve these photos and stories.

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