Worden's Hotel and Restaurant

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

The Place to Stay

Worden's Hotel, Davis, West Virginia. Photo from the Worden Family Photos.

The Worden's Hotel was established in 1898. Originally, it operated as the New Howard Hotel. Harry Worden purchased the hotel in 1927 and renamed it the Worden's Hotel. For most of its history, the Worden's Hotel was operated by Katheryn Worden Cleaver. The restaurant was famous for its home cooking and pies. It frequently hosted the Ski Club of Washington DC as well as other outdoor enthusiasts. The hotel was located in Davis, West Virginia at the corner of Thomas Avenue and 3rd Street.

Stories & Photos?

Do you have photos and/or stories of the Worden's Hotel? Share these with the Museum. It's a marvelous way to preserve these photos and stories.

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